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Lilly Lashes bold Faux Click Mykonos Magnetic Lashes feature 12 micro-magnets on a 100% cotton lash band for quick and easy application to your eye. Designed with ultra-wispy layers, dramatic length, and volume - these lashes are truly fierce.


Use with Lilly Lashes Click Magnetic Felt Tip Eyeliner (sold separately) for proper application



How to Use:

Step 1: Carefully remove the magnetic lash from the tray. From the corner of the lash band, gently lift the band away from the magnetic tray, never pulling on the lashes themselves.

Step 2: Hold the lash up to your eye to measure for sizing. If the lash is longer than your natural eye shape, use lash scissors to conservatively trim the lash band accordingly, using the micro-magnets as guide.

Step 3: Once your desired lash band length is established, set your falsies aside and grab your Click Magnetic Felt Tip Eyeliner. Shake well before each use. Apply 2 layers to the lash line using the ultra-thin precision tip brush. Allow up to 2 mins to fully dry.

Step 4: Once the Click Magnetic Felt Tip Eyeliner has fully dried, carefully lay the magnetic lash on top of the liner, as close as possible to the lash line. Once comfortably applied to lash line, simply adjust the lash to its optimal position.

Step 5: You did it! You are a falsie pro! If necessary, apply one coat of mascara to natural lashes to perfectly bind to falsies.

To remove Click Magnetic Felt Tip Eyeliner from lash line, use a gentle oil-based eye makeup remover.

Pro Tips: Re-attach lash to lash tray when not in use to preserve lash & lash shape. Never soak lashes in water or any type of solution.

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