Colavita Grapeseed Oil 1 Gallon

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Improve your cooking process with this Colavita grapeseed oil! This oil has a light and clean taste, making it a very versatile ingredient. Raw materials are carefully selected when making this Colavita grapeseed oil in order to create its naturally delicate flavor. Its high smoke point of 400 degrees Fahrenheit makes it an ideal option for high-temperature frying, sauteing, and baking. It is also great for creating dressings and marinades!

Use this versatile grapeseed oil to stand up to high heat requirements while letting your food's natural flavor shine. Create a golden sear on a tender pork chop or use it as a healthy and neutral-flavored oil in cakes and brownies. Keep your recipes health conscious with grapeseed oil, which provides 100% natural, healthy monounsaturated and polysaturated fats! This is perfect for use in commercial kitchens, bakeries, and salad bars. Provide your guests with genuine flavor and high-quality ingredients with this Colavita grapeseed oil!

Every delicious Colavita product is infused with generations of Italian culinary expertise! Long ago, the union of two family companies, one which made pasta and another which made olive oil, resulted in the beginning of the Colavita company. Today, the enterprise remains family owned, and their products are still made with the same care and traditional methods as they always have been. For delicious, authentic Italian flavor that is sure to delight your patrons, explore all of Colavita's lines of sauce, vinegar, oil, and pasta!




Quantity 1/Each
Shipping Weight 8.05 lb.
Features Made in America
Package Size 1 gal.
Type Grape Seed Oil
Usage Light Frying and Sauteing

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