Trijicon SG201-C-600907 Set of bright, rugged night vision suppressors, calibrated Sig Sauer models, .354 in and .357 Sig, white front/rear with green lamps

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Trijicon bright & tough Suppressor night sights are three-dot tritium iron sights that allow shooters the ability to line up their sights in both bright and low-light situations. While standard height sights do not provide an aiming solution when using a suppressed firearm; the additional height of Suppressor night sights will clear the added height of a Suppressor, allowing shooters the ability to line up their sights on target. Additionally, Suppressor night sights can be used as back up iron sights with the Trijicon RMR. Specifications: fits: Sig Sauer models calibrated for 9mm and .357Sig, including P225, P226, P228, P239, and P320 (excluding P938). finish: black. Professional installation recommended. Dimensions for reference only.

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