SpiroPure Unicel 5CH-35 Pleatco PAS35P PAS35P4 Filbur FC-0300 Replacement Cartridge

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  • Outer Diameter: 5-5/8" Length: 8" Top Style: Closed Handle; Bottom Style: 1-1/2" MPT Threaded; Media: 35 SF
  • Compatible with Unicel 5CH-35 Pleatco PAS35P PAS35P4 Filbur FC-0300 PMAX50-P4 5CH-35RA FC-0300M PAS35P-M Hot Tub Spa Filter
  • SpiroPure pool and spa filter cartridges offer long-lasting, durable filter media with high dirt holding capacity for clear, sparkling water in your pool or hot tub spa.
  • A strong inner core means increased strength without hindering water flow or filtration performance.
  • Easy to install, durable filter cartridges that allow for high filtration performance and efficiency



Brand SpiroPure
Color Blue/White
Diameter 5 5/8" (5.625")
Length: 8"
Top Style Crescent Handle
Bottom Style MPT
Media Area 35 sqft
Weight 3 oz

Compatible Hot Tub Spa & Pool Brands

Artesian Spas, Coleman Spas, Elite Spas, Maax Spas

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