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The Solo Stove Lite is the perfect addition to anyone's bag as a lightweight cooking stove for one to two people. The best part? No fuel to carry! Your food shouldn’t depend on carrying or finding a place that sells gas when nature provides the perfect tinder and wood all year. Plus, gas disappears in an instant during an emergency!

Now you can minimize your pack weight and your footprint with this ultra-efficient stove. The Solo Stove Lite operates on small twigs and sticks, or an alcohol burner, to fuel the fire while the air intake holes on the bottom pull air in towards the fuel source.

While air is being pulled in, the double-wall construction allows air to be heated up and fed through the top vents providing an extra boost of pre-heated oxygen, creating a secondary combustion. With this patented design, you’ll get a hotter fire with less smoke!



What are the benefits of the Solo Stove Lite?

  • PATENTED DESIGN - LESS SMOKE. It features a unique double wall that creates ultra-clean gasification and a secondary combustion. This allows fuel to burn more completely and with less smoke. That's important! 
  • FUEL IS FREE. No more spending money on white gas which is hard to transport or expensive liquid canister fuel. The Solo Stove Lite use twigs, leaves, pinecones and wood as fuel. Free up more space in your backpack and eliminate the need to carry heavy, polluting, and expensive canister fuels that break down over a short period of time.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & FAST BOIL TIME. Boils water in 8-10 mins (34 fl oz water). It is 4.25" Diameter, 3.8"/5.7” tall (packed/assembled). The Solo Stove weighs only 9 oz. Made of premium stainless steel and nichrome wire. A nylon stuff sack is included.

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