~Shave Ready~ 10 Piece Set Shaving Straight Razor 6/8

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Brand The Shave Network
Material Alloy Steel
Item Weight 32 Ounces
Handle Material Plastic
Package Type Box

About this item

  • Full Shave Kit – Gold Dollar Straight Razor, Razor Coffin, 3” Strop, The Purest Shave Brush, Shave Brush Storage Box, The Blades Grim Shave Soap, Blades Grim Pre-Shave, Blades Grim Aftershave, Shaving Guide.
  • Straight Razor - Shave Ready, No honing or stropping necessary out of the box
  • Shave Soap – Provides a thick lather for perfect glide with any razor
  • Pre-Shave - Lifts hairs proving a close smooth shave
  • Aftershave - Antiseptic that prevent the growth of disease-causing microorganisms

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