Regal Granulated Garlic - 5 lb.

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From chicken and beef to veggies and seafood, Regal granulated garlic is the perfect ingredient for any of your signature dishes. A member of the onion, chive, and leek family, garlic is a pantry staple that can be used in marinades, tomato-based sauces, and soups. Whether you own a pizzeria, an Italian restaurant, or an upscale bistro, granulated garlic is the perfect addition to all of your favorite menu items.


Granulated Texture

These granules are larger in size than garlic powder but smaller than minced garlic, offering a balanced texture that works well for a variety of menu items. Plus, because these granules are larger in size than garlic powder, granulated garlic is less likely to clump.


Versatile Ingredient

Commonly used in Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American, and Italian cuisines, granulated garlic is the perfect alternative to fresh garlic in marinades, dressings, dipping sauces, and dry rubs. Dehydrated garlic retains many of the same nutritional benefits as fresh garlic while offering added versatility, a longer shelf life, and shortened preparation time.


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