Parisi Artisan Coffee Bourbon Barrel-Aged Mexico Oaxaca 8 oz.

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Our Bourbon Barrel-Aged Mexico Oaxaca is the newest addition to our barrel-aging project. Featuring our coffee beans from Mexico Oaxaca and our bourbon barrel from the historic Holladay Distillery, this coffee has notes of sweet oak, caramel, and burnt citrus.

When choosing which of our coffees to condition, our head roaster, Nick, chose our Mexico Oaxaca because of the beans' natural flavors and hardiness to take on the characteristics of the bourbon. This coffee already has wonderful, sweet, and classic flavors like chocolate and caramel, both of which are found in bourbons.

Bourbon gets a lot of its characteristics from the aging in the charred oak. This oak holds a lot of flavors leftover from the bourbon aging process and as that evaporates further, the green coffee pulls in those vapors and takes on the flavors present. We wanted to build onto the coffee's natural flavor profile with the bourbon barrel's leftover vapors. Nick conditions the barrel throughout the aging process with a fresh spray of bourbon that came from the barrel to keep the aroma as high as possible. This all translates into the coffee taking on the flavors and aroma of the bourbon and oak, and when roasted, presenting these notes in the coffee cup itself.

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