Manna Pro Sho-Flex Advanced Joint Supplement for Horses, 5 LBS

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Whether you compete every weekend or take it easy in the pasture, your horse's joint health is imperative to keeping them sound and happy! With Manna Pro Sho-Flex, you know you're giving scientifically-proven levels of the best ingredients for your horse's joints and connective tissue. Manna Pro Sho-Flex is an advanced supplement for horses to help support optimal joint health and mobility. Sho-Flex is formulated with the important joint building blocks of Glucosamine HCl, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), and Chondroitin Sulfate. These ingredients together are proven to help maintain joints and connective tissues in horses of all activity levels. Top that off with Vitamin C, an important anti-oxidant, and you have a well-rounded joint supplement for your horse! This highly-palatable supplement is formulated to work together with Sho-Glo and Sho-Hoof for advanced performance of hooves, skin, coat and joints, and is backed by our Happy Horse guarantee!

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