Golden Barrel Organic Cane Sugar - 50 lb.

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Since sugar is such a versatile ingredient, the uses for this bulk cane sugar are endless! This organic alternative to regular sugar is naturally sweet and able to perform as anything from an ingredient in desserts to an add-in for coffee and tea. Discover all of the popular recipes you can prepare with this bulk supply of organic cane sugar!



  • Versatility

    Customers will love the natural taste of this organic cane sugar. It offers a quick and easy way to sweeten your popular drinks and desserts. Blend it into your coffees and teas, or use it while baking muffins, coffee cakes, and other pastries that your customers will crave again and again. Use it in syrups, sauces, and marinades or as a topping for oatmeal, fruit, and cobblers.

  • Organic and Less Refined

    Because this sugar is less processed than traditional white sugar, trace amounts of molasses are retained, which can give the sugar a color that differs from white to various shades of brown. Additionally, the sugar crystals are slightly larger. Not only is this a delicious organic alternative to other sugars, it contains no allergens and is suitable for vegans! Your guests will appreciate having this organic option to stir into their morning coffee.

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