Fishing Knot Tying Tool Quick Knot Tools 5-in-1

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  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: 5 in 1, including knot tying tool, lure tuner, mono line clipper, hook file sharpener and hook eye cleaner
  • UNIVERSAL TIE KNOTS: Perfect for common fishing knots, such as fly line to leader, line to line, backing line to the tippet
  • HOOK SHARPENER: keep hooks razor sharp with fine grit sharpener to ensure solid hook up on the first bite
  • CLEAR HOOK/JIG EYES: Getting the glue out of hook eye and as an aid in untying knots or tangles
  • CARABINER RETRACTOR: 24"/ 60CM polyester cord and 1.5-ounce/45g retraction force, never loss

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