Falscara False Eyelash Wisps Starter Kit

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If you can mascara, you can Falscara! KISS Falscara Eyelash Wisps Starter Kit is a value priced starter kit has all you need to secure wisps under your natural lashes for an easy to apply, amazingly natural look.


  • Most natural looking false eyelashes ever
  • Use Bond to prime & prep lashes, Wisps (with featherlight fibers) go under your natural lashes, Seal locks Wisps in place


  • Bond & Seal
  • Wisps
  • Applicator



How to Use:

Step 1: Brush a light coat of Bond on natural lashes. A little goes a long way!
Step 2: Use the Falscara Eyelash Applicator to pluck a WISP from the tray. Pick up a Wisp from the middle-outer end for optimal control and application. One by one, gently place the Wisps underneath the base of your natural lashes, slightly away from the waterline.
Step 3: Dab on a thin coat of Seal under Wisps to eliminate any sticky residue and hold Wisps in place!

Pro tips: Apply Wisps starting from the outer corner of lash line, working inwards (or vice versa). Be sure to place Wisps right next to each other for a seamless look. If needed, use the Falscara Eyelash Applicator or your fingers to squeeze the Wisps against your natural lashes for a more secure hold.

To prolong the life of your Falscara Eyelash Applicator and Wisps, after use wipe off any Bond residue with rubbing alcohol or makeup remover. With gentle care, Wisps are reusable.

Precautions: Keep out of reach of children.

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