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DESCRIPTION: Healthy Hair Edge Control Black provides a long lasting and maximum hold for creating sleek and smooth styles. Us this product to instantly conceal gray regrowth areas and to tame unruly edges. It can easily be applied to hairlines, eyebrows, sideburns, new hair growth,  beards, mustaches and more. This unique wash out hair solution Edge Control Black made with 100% Jojoba Oil, applies dry, not wet, so  stays sleek when styling hair frizzes to be flat, smoothed-out and under complete control. Us comb or fingertips to apply the product onto dry styled hair. Hold flatten and smooth hair firmly in place as desired to your tapered cuts and slick ponytails never look out of place. Control tapered cuts and edges, also can be used as a curling pomade with the thermal irons.

DIRECTIONS: Apply a small amount of Healthy Hair Edge Control Black with fingertips until hair stays in place or comb in smooth with a brush or comb.

INGREDIENTS: Purified Water (Aqua), Ceteareth-20, Castor Oil, Glycerl Cocoate, CP2 Preservative, Triethanolamine, Cromollient SCE , Jojoba Oil, CI-77499 and Fragrance.

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