DRESS Holding Shoulder Bag (Color: Olive)

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  • The large main compartment can hold 3-4 medium-sized boxes
  • A removable waist belt prevents your bag from getting in the way
  • Rod holders are installed on the left and right. When storing, it can be fixed with a shock cord
  • Two holders for pliers and fish grips are placed on the right side. Small items such as smartphones can be stored in the pocket
  • The front pocket has an inner pocket for convenient sorting
  • Equipped with a mesh material bottle holder that can store PET bottles and water bottles on the left side
  • Achieves amazing wear resistance while being lightweight! Furthermore, it is water-repellent so it can withstand use in harsh environments
  • Includes DRES's rubber measurement patch for use with their "BAKUCHO" app
The DRESS Holding Shoulder Bag is a product that has both storage capacity and portability. The storage capacity is designed so that it can be used in all kinds of fishing scenes such as the sea and rivers, and holders dedicated to fishing tools are placed everywhere. Since it can be held at 2 points on the shoulder and waist, the bag does not flutter and does not get in the way.

Manufacturer: DRESS

Color: Olive


Material: 100% Polyester
Body Dimensions (WxHxD): 27cm x 24cm x 10cm
Waist Belt Length (Excluding Buckle, Adjustable): 120cm


DRESS is a Japanese fishing company specializing in the manufacturing of unique, high-end fishing equipment.

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