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The Cafe Femenino Bolivia program has supported women coffee producers in overcoming a variety of barriers, including geographic isolation, rugged terrain, and a traditionally lower status in society throughout Bolivia. The women of Café Femenino Bolivia have successfully improved their coffee-producing livelihoods, their future prospects, and the health of their families and communities. 

This program fosters and empower women coffee producers across the globe. Learn more by visiting Cafe Femenino's site here!

We love coffees from Bolivia, and have not featured one since 2013. This coffee not only is a delightful sensory experience, it helps empower and showcase the work these amazing female coffee producers are doing in Bolivia. 

Producer: Cafe Femenino 

Origin: La Paz, Boliva 

Altitude: 2400+ Meters Above Sea Level

Cultivar(s): La Criolla

Process:  Washed / Sun-Dried 

Roast:  Medium-Light

Sensory Notes:  Sweet & Clean. Marzipan, Orange Citrus and Chocolate harmonize to reveal a smooth and lavishly creamy body and finish. Smooth, Rich & Delightful.

Recommended Brewing Method: Pour Over or French Press (for depth)

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