Army Green Nylon Emergency Tent with Survival Whistle

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In extreme situations, you might have to sleep outside “under the stars.” If you do, you’ll need the Ready Hour Army Green Nylon Emergency Tent to keep you warm and dry. It traps 90% of YOUR BODY HEAT to warm up the enclosure.

Made from a reflective “aluminized polyester” fabric, this high-tech tent helps keep temperatures comfortable in harsh weather conditions. The 28UM nylon fabric also repels water and snow – and blocks harsh winds.



It Includes:
Paracord with 100 Uses – Plus, the paracord can double as a fishing line, traps, and more.

Emergency Whistle – Not only that, but the Ready Hour Emergency Tent also comes with an attached EMERGENCY WHISTLE (120 decibels) so you can signal for help without straining your voice.

• Big enough to sleep two adults, side-by-side…
• And yet it folds up into a pocket-sized 6” x 3”
• Weighs only 8.7 ounces!
• IDEAL for your bug-out bag, camping trips, or any situation.

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