Alexapure Survival Spring Personal Water Filter

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The Survival Spring™ by Alexapure is the pocket-sized water filter with the power to remove up to 99% of waterborne protozoa and bacteria. Through an innovative three-stage filtration process, the Survival Spring removes sediment and microorganisms from your water with each drink.

During an emergency or natural disaster, it may be nearly impossible to find safe drinking water. No worries. Prepare now so you have personal water filtration with the Survival Spring. Use it like a straw. Draw water through it and it instantly purifies your drinking water.



Innovative 3-Stage Filtration:

Rugged pre-filter at the base of the straw removes large sediment, making stage 2 and 3 more effective and efficient.

Hollow fiber membrane filter traps pathogens, removing them from the water you draw from.

Specialized carbon filter removes chlorine, sediment, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), foul tastes and odors.

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