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  • 3M™ Protecta Construction-Style Harness with a fixed D-ring to minimize workday readjustment.
  • The 3M Construction harness us breathable with added comfort of Shoulder/Hip Padding.
  • A durable and sturdy belt, Tongue-Buckle Leg Connection, Pass-Through Chest Connection, and Back and Side D-rings.
  • This Fall protection construction harness is built to last. Specially designed for added comfort and convenience, these harnesses are rated for 420 lbs (190 kg) total working weight.
  • The fixed Back D-Ring reduces the need for readjustment throughout the day.
  • The fabric of he harness is made of a moisture wicking fabric for improved comfort of the user.
  • ANSI-compliant auto-resetting lanyard keepers for fast and easy parking of snap hooks and carabiners.
  • Back and Side D-Rings,
  • Shoulder/Hip Padding, Tongue-Buckle Leg Connection, Pass-Through Chest Connection.
  • ANSI Z359.11, OSHA 1926.502
  • Tensile Strength 3600 lbs./ANSI
  • Weight capacity 420 lbs

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