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  • High Quality Material: Made of high quality aluminum alloy, this fish hook remover is sturdy, durable and not easily corroded, non-slip handle is comfortable to grasp, perfect for both fresh salt water fishing
  • Spiral Design with Magnetic Bottom : This fish hook detacher comes designed with a smooth, flexible spiral head, which is easy to enter into the mouth of fish and won’t damage the fishing line, convenient to unhook. Besides, it’s magnetic bottom can quickly absorb the fish hook, great help on find the hooks
  • Fast to Extract : This fish hook remover with a ring on the head can fast circle the line and find the fish hook per the line easily, you can take off the hook with your eyes closed. it’s ring mouth is right in size and suitable for fishing lines of different thicknesses
  • Easy to use: The Fish Hook Disconnect Device is simple to use, just insert the spiral ring of the unhook device , rotate along the fish line and slides down to quickly remove the hook, you can get the hook off without hurting the fish and your hands.
  • Portable: The fishing hook remover is small and lightweight , it was packed into a separated plastic tube which is conveniently to be carried out everywhere and won’t take up place

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