2 Packs Chafing Dish 9 Quart Chafer Dishes Buffet Set Stainless Steel Rectangular Chafing Dish Set

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  • 〖Sturdy and Solid Dish Frame〗- The main material of this chafing dish is stainless steel which is durable and stable enough to withstand high temperature and never deform. Two racks provide powerful support for pans and lid.
  • 〖Easy to Wash and Clean〗- Characterized by smooth and glossy stainless steel surface, not only inner part but also surface are convenient and easy to be washed with dish washing liquid. Prior to first use, they need to be washed in hot soapy water and then dried with a soft towel.
  • 〖Complete Set〗- This chafing dish comes with water pan, food pan and lid, sturdy frame rack and alcohol furnace. After being installed referring to manual, it can be used for your food.
  • 〖Large Space for Food〗-Water Pan Dimension: 22” x 14” x 4”(L x W x H). Food Pan Size: 13” x10.5” x 2.5”(L x W x H). This chafing dish has ample space for cooking food. Fuel Holder: 3.5"×2.5"(Dia × H)
  • 〖Safe Use〗- Two fuel safety burners are designed under the burner tray and with small lid. Two handles are set at two sides of the chafing dish which is safe for you to carry and take it.

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