100% Peanut Oil - 35 lb.

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Keep your fryers full of clean, fresh peanut oil with this bulk 35 lb. supply. Ideal for diners, Asian restaurants, and fast food eateries, this frying oil features a high smoke point and won't alter the flavor of your food. It's even great for deep frying turkeys and other fowl for special holiday meals!


  • High Smoke Point

    Boasting a high smoke point of 450 degrees Fahrenheit, this peanut oil is popular for stir fry, deep fried chicken, or battered fish.

  • No Flavor Transfer

    Since peanut oil doesn't transfer its flavor to your food, your patrons will fully enjoy the taste of your signature fried dishes.

  • Bulk Supply

    No matter what you prepare, you'll want to keep a good supply on hand. Stock your kitchen and save costs with this bulk 35 lb. supply! Since this oil comes in a large container, you don't have to worry about replenishing your oil supply as often. Plus, fewer containers are required to fill your fryers when it's time to replace the oil.

  • Healthy and Versatile

    Peanut oil is naturally trans fat free, cholesterol free, and low in saturated fats so it is healthier for your guests than some other types of oil. This dependable, multi-purpose peanut oil is a great value for many of your restaurant, diner, or concession stand's cooking needs. You'll find excellent results when making French fries and you can even whisk it into salad dressings

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